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I want this for VR so I can live my life like a vaporwave video!!

it wont happen

Love the concept of this so decided to do a lets play. thank you for creating this entertaining project!

wont let me play the videos. this is my favorite simulator game and i cant play the videos

Did you change where the game was located?


Everything is fine except for that whenever I grab a VHS tape, it flies around everywhere! It gets better once I reach the desk, but I can't play anything because of this!

Oh, lol, that's certainly different - could you get some footage of this by any chance?


I love this simulator so much,but suddenly, this d**n error appears while searching for video titles. (An error occured while searching). :(

Can you help me, please?

Thank you in advance. :)

Hmm, do does it still appear now? There may be a possible fix I can suggest depending.

Please add more quality setting as my cpu cant handle the bloom effect also the vhs when you pick it up teleports to another dimension

Where's the door?

You know, the door where the VCRs arrive?

You gotta make sure that none of the folder names have spaces in them in order to play the videos.

Can you please clarify? The vids I put in do not work. How do I fix this?

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No folder names leading to the game directory should contain a space. For example, the directory "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Misc\YoutubeRetro" have no folders with a space between them.

Where people cannot play the videos is when any of these folder names contain a space between them. For example, the directory "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\NEW FOLDER\YoutubeRetro" would not allow the program to playback videos, because the folder name "NEW FOLDER" contain spaces.

Thank you! I use the official app, so I guess I'll have to extract it.

Works, got it now! Thanks!

Its doesnt play the video, screen is blury when I move and the casete shakes then holding it and its not a little shake but it flies from one side to another

what the heck when i get a video i put it in the vhs player and it does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i try to put the VHS in the tv it just has a seizure,and it disappears lol

the tv stays static

this is exackly what ive been looking for. thanks so much!!!!

i cant even see anything but the computer screen the tv screen and the red letters the rest of the entire room is pitch black the blinds are a lighter color but i cant see anything else i cant even see if i got the vhs tape or not even though it says can not complete request sorry three times then it says the tape was delivered and i hear a doorbell sound but i cant see where anything is please help? im using a window 8.1 its my school laptop but it should work im able to play a lot of high graphic games with no problem

can you just upload it to mediafire?

I can't download it can you upload it to mediafire or something?


Doesnt run and also not letting me delete it. Is this Malware? Thanks!

nope. not malware, just really buggy.


I need the 32-bit version,Please.

I can not download. Error: prohibited

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Same Problemo as below. i have win 10 x64 with the alienware alpha custom graphics card. It says accepted then says sorry three times




When i put the vhs the video dont start what i do?

i have windows 10 and intel graphics 3100

The VIsuals start multiplying overlaying each other, and and that saddens me because i wanted it to work.


why does it not work I put the tape in the computer but nothing happens

please help

Nothings happening for me too :(

Can you add ability to delete all videos downloaded in game? :c

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Even though I ran into a few videos that wouldn't play, this was a ton of fun, and such a great concept! I really enjoyed it!

Same as Yinsho, put it in and it never plays

I'm getting the same problem as PurpleOldMaN. Whenever I put a tape in the VCR, it never plays. Just stays static.

Any advice?


What are your specs? Windows version, 32/64bit, video card?


Windows 10, I think it's 64bit. AMD Radeon R7 graphics card, I believe.

When I put in the tape, the screen just stays static no matter what i put in.

Update is live, let us know of any issues.

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Hey guys, we're gearing up to do a small update to hopefully address some of the issues people are encountering.

The silence of waiting. The blinds protecting us from the glare outside. Everything can be delivered nowadays, so why leave?

1 Question it there a way to speed up delivery?

The videos _should_ come a lot faster in the updated version.


I love this simulator, this gives me a look back into a past I've not thought about in a long time. It makes me really think about time passing in general. I found myself watching things that I haven't seen in years, 80s movie trailers, and he-man episodes. I'd love for this to become more... if I had the know-how I'd want to add more of a living room, maybe a couch and a small table with a lamp for lighting. The TV being faced towards the couch instead of beside the computer. maybe even going a step farther and adding small bits and bobs from a lost era... giving a lived in feeling. Even adding a detail where the tapes show up wrapped up at the door, and giving detail to the vhs tapes.

haha, one can dream... this really is something. I hope this program works for as long as I can use it. I'll definitely replaying this time to time.

Thank you for designing this, and I know it probably wasn't meant for someone like me to enjoy it this way but awesome work.

(The only complaint I have is the fact that some videos lose the corners a bit too much)

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Glad you liked it! Rest assured, we feel the same - this was done very much seat-of-the-pants and racing against time. There are plans for a full, more comfortable experience down the line. In the meantime, the slightly updated version features more corners! =)

It It worked so well! I don't know how you guys pulled this off, but it was a blast and had a lot of fun with this game:)

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the vhs never comes. i waited 4 minutes and nothing appeared near the phone!

please help me

Help Game Running but everything is Space but we can see the monitors with no text HELP !

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