A downloadable game for Windows

YouTube as it should have been in 1986 - Instant VHS Home Delivery!

We hope you enjoy!



  • Move with WASD
  • Look with the Mouse
  • Interact with Left Click
  • Zoom with Right Click


  1. Left click the terminal to access it.
  2. Search for videos by typing "query" followed by a space and your search terms. (e.g. "query cats")
  3. Select a result by typing "request" followed by a space and the index (number) of the video you want to request.
  4. After some time your video cassette will arrive.
  5. Pick up the tape with left mouse.
  6. Put it into the VCR to play it.
  7. Click on the VCR buttons to eject the tape.


  • 0.1.0b - Minor Fix
    • Updated backend tool and added updater batch file.
  • 0.1.0
    • Improved visuals and screen effects
    • Bug fixes and minor enhancements
    • Videos should arrive faster
    • Fixed several shader issues on DX9 hardware
    • Audio should no longer lag behind the video
  • 0.0.0
    • Initial Release for Ludum Dare 36


YouTubeRetroSim_0.1.0b.zip 162 MB


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Hi, I updated to version from 01.09.19, but when I try to insert the tape I got the white screen. Archive logs and converted a video attached https://yadi.sk/d/48BoXLzY00x8cQ

Not working! Put the tape and nothing! :( 

Never mind

is it real??? if i will find out

The game and videos works great! 

El juego y los vídeos funcionan correctamente

 My screan doesnt work ! 

The game simply wont run saddly. Its a shame because I really wanted to try it out as it looks really nostalgic!

the image looks good and all but when u turn it gets blurry i tried it with high medium and low and its the same thing plz contact me dev to say its fixed

i can play it but it cant play the vhs tapes i have tired every thing!


hey! the preview looked really cool but i couldn't play it cause its only 64 bit idk how hard it is making games but it would be great if you could make it 32 bit again ive never made a game before and i understand if its like really tricky so yee :P

I can't put the VHS tape in the VCR because when I pick the tape up it starts making clicking noises and then just disappear from sight. Can anybody help this glitch?

It never responds after the intro. Help!!!!

The cassettes keep disappearing without a trace while holding them

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 If this is not working for anyone, all you have to do is download it from the itch WEBSITE not the itch app. Extract the zipped folder into Downloads or something. After that you need to open the the folder and open ydl_update.cmd and wait for it to finish and close itself. After that you should be able to open the .exe file and it should run just fine.

The video won't start, When i insert a video tape into the television, i only get a gray screen (without sounds). The game is stored here : D:\YouTubeRetro. and my log file  https://drive.google.com/open?id=173Wg0wpBRcrze4lT_lQNLi8Puib-Rp9O.

Too everybody that is doesn't work for, move it to a directory with no spaces. Also remember to update youtube-dl.

half of the videos I pick start, the others don't

What are you doing when this happens, also what video are you trying to watch?

a few, here's one! 

just playing normally, didn't work!

I see that it doesn't download the audio file for it. (the video doesn't have to have audio.). I don't know the problem behind  it, but it doesn't see work for me either.

Moving actually does not work. You must download it from the website initially.

Well for me it did, though I have a space in my username. :)

Videos just won't start.

If the directory has spaces in it in anyway, even in your username, it will not work.

All you need to do is move it to a directory without spaces.

I just found this out too :)

Thanks dude

Thanks dude

I loved the meta level of your entry - a remediation in a remediation of a remediation (at least when one sees YouTube as a giant remediation of the private VHS collections in the garage)! :D It was so much fun to try it out and I think it was a perfect match for the theme of the Ludum Dare 36 (which was Ancient Technologies, if anyone reading this comment should wonder). <3 The work with the shaders perfectly caught the VHS aesthetics! That's why I didn't just write a praising article about your simulator as well as upload a gameplay video of it, but also did I include it in our GOTY 2016 list. :) Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,


wtf? anything i request doesnt work at all! i tried a short video but still didnt work. Please fix this error!

When I do "Query" it looks and me but an error message 1 or 2 minutes after ...
You can help me ?


This would be a great terminal app for linux

get a gub in the folder and when I play or I already install the latest
version for now from youtube-dl and when I play it and go to the
computer and look for a video and I give "request for example 5" and
when the video is shipping ... and then he stops
and does nothing, I wait, I hope, and the video does not come out that I
wanted help please ... I need help. I will show you an image of the game when it takes.

I can't play videos -_-

Did you install it with the itch.io app or download it from this page?

Could you add  pause, rewind, and fast forward functions? If those are added, I might just stop using youtube and just use this.

Brilliant! this is just Brilliant!

I love  this

I love  this

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The  "We apologize for the inconvenience" message is caused by an outdated version of youtube-dl.exe (found in \YouTubeRetro\ytretro_Data\StreamingAssets\bin), and you can just download and replace it with the newest version from https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html without much trouble. 

It's worth it, in my opinion--this is a beautiful, atmospheric project.


Thanks for the heads up! I updated the zip with the newest copy.

Still not working. Everything works but I can't play videos in the VCR tried about 30 videos ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes and still nothing. 

Any help? 

some taps do not work help

Sup Guys! Hey! Damb, need to work on my hi's... lol sup homies!


I love your channel

Thanks Dude! Wanna be in a video?


When I put the vcr, nothing comes out. They know how to solve it.

(1 edit)

"We were unable to complete your request. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I got that from every video. The text appears in loop, the tape still gets delivered and it looks like it's empty since the player doesn't do anything.


i search almost every video from youtube and i cant play any of the videos


Me neither. The tape arrives, but nothing happens when o put it in.

Same for me. But I have windows 7. Haven't tried it on Windows 10 PC yet.

Me neither. I have Windows 8.1.

A small Arabic review on this cool game!!

ريفيو صغير على اللعبة التحفة دي


One more question: how do you exit without using windows key to go to desktop and closing the window.


Can't seem to get the player to play anything.

I have a fairly well built computer. i7, 16g ram, 2tb hdd, gtx-950. So I don't think it is from old hardware. And I use W7 so my windows version shouldn't be an issue.

Everything else works fine, just the TV won't play anything. I tried playing about 30 different videos. I tried reinstalling and I tried different settings. (windowed or full screen, high graphics, low graphics.) nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated. And maybe, I can give some feedback that will help you.

Good day! :)

Okay so according to @ Crimpaysjesussaves' comment below, having any spaces in the directory can cause issues with the player not wanting to play. However, the itch.io app installs it in a folder called "Retro YoutTube Simulator"

This directory name has spaces. I cannot however, find a way to change the directory folder name without itch.io not being able to find the game. Is there a way to reassign the directory folder so I can have itch.io find it.

Any help would be great.

Good day! :)

so if i install it from the itch.io site, the file wont need the itch.io app, so i can then rename it without spaces and the it will work???

If you install it from the website and not from the installer, it should have a name without spaces in between by default. I tried running it from the .zip and it works.

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