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wtf? anything i request doesnt work at all! i tried a short video but still didnt work. Please fix this error!

When I do "Query" it looks and me but an error message 1 or 2 minutes after ...
You can help me ?


This would be a great terminal app for linux

get a gub in the folder and when I play or I already install the latest
version for now from youtube-dl and when I play it and go to the
computer and look for a video and I give "request for example 5" and
when the video is shipping ... and then he stops
and does nothing, I wait, I hope, and the video does not come out that I
wanted help please ... I need help. I will show you an image of the game when it takes.

I can't play videos -_-

Did you install it with the app or download it from this page?

Could you add  pause, rewind, and fast forward functions? If those are added, I might just stop using youtube and just use this.

Brilliant! this is just Brilliant!

I love  this

I love  this


nice game :)

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The  "We apologize for the inconvenience" message is caused by an outdated version of youtube-dl.exe (found in \YouTubeRetro\ytretro_Data\StreamingAssets\bin), and you can just download and replace it with the newest version from without much trouble. 

It's worth it, in my opinion--this is a beautiful, atmospheric project.


Thanks for the heads up! I updated the zip with the newest copy.

Still not working. Everything works but I can't play videos in the VCR tried about 30 videos ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes and still nothing. 

Any help? 

some taps do not work help

Sup Guys! Hey! Damb, need to work on my hi's... lol sup homies!


I love your channel

Thanks Dude! Wanna be in a video?


When I put the vcr, nothing comes out. They know how to solve it.

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"We were unable to complete your request. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I got that from every video. The text appears in loop, the tape still gets delivered and it looks like it's empty since the player doesn't do anything.


i search almost every video from youtube and i cant play any of the videos


Me neither. The tape arrives, but nothing happens when o put it in.

Same for me. But I have windows 7. Haven't tried it on Windows 10 PC yet.

Me neither. I have Windows 8.1.

A small Arabic review on this cool game!!

ريفيو صغير على اللعبة التحفة دي


One more question: how do you exit without using windows key to go to desktop and closing the window.


Can't seem to get the player to play anything.

I have a fairly well built computer. i7, 16g ram, 2tb hdd, gtx-950. So I don't think it is from old hardware. And I use W7 so my windows version shouldn't be an issue.

Everything else works fine, just the TV won't play anything. I tried playing about 30 different videos. I tried reinstalling and I tried different settings. (windowed or full screen, high graphics, low graphics.) nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated. And maybe, I can give some feedback that will help you.

Good day! :)

Okay so according to @ Crimpaysjesussaves' comment below, having any spaces in the directory can cause issues with the player not wanting to play. However, the app installs it in a folder called "Retro YoutTube Simulator"

This directory name has spaces. I cannot however, find a way to change the directory folder name without not being able to find the game. Is there a way to reassign the directory folder so I can have find it.

Any help would be great.

Good day! :)

so if i install it from the site, the file wont need the app, so i can then rename it without spaces and the it will work???

If you install it from the website and not from the installer, it should have a name without spaces in between by default. I tried running it from the .zip and it works.

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Guys SHUT UP its a game where its placed in 1986 some videos arent supposed to work like games they have bugs in this game youtube has bugs. Please had more detail to the room like a couch and lighting make the room bigger and a note for thank you for buying the Rolo vhs player and where can i buy the rolo chs player on ebay or amazon?

i put the tape and it dont works

I want this for VR so I can live my life like a vaporwave video!!

it wont happen

Love the concept of this so decided to do a lets play. thank you for creating this entertaining project!

wont let me play the videos. this is my favorite simulator game and i cant play the videos

Did you change where the game was located?


Everything is fine except for that whenever I grab a VHS tape, it flies around everywhere! It gets better once I reach the desk, but I can't play anything because of this!

Oh, lol, that's certainly different - could you get some footage of this by any chance?


I love this simulator so much,but suddenly, this d**n error appears while searching for video titles. (An error occured while searching). :(

Can you help me, please?

Thank you in advance. :)

Hmm, do does it still appear now? There may be a possible fix I can suggest depending.

Please add more quality setting as my cpu cant handle the bloom effect also the vhs when you pick it up teleports to another dimension

Where's the door?

You know, the door where the VCRs arrive?

You gotta make sure that none of the folder names have spaces in them in order to play the videos.

Can you please clarify? The vids I put in do not work. How do I fix this?

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No folder names leading to the game directory should contain a space. For example, the directory "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Misc\YoutubeRetro" have no folders with a space between them.

Where people cannot play the videos is when any of these folder names contain a space between them. For example, the directory "C:\Users\Username\Desktop\NEW FOLDER\YoutubeRetro" would not allow the program to playback videos, because the folder name "NEW FOLDER" contain spaces.

Thank you! I use the official app, so I guess I'll have to extract it.

Works, got it now! Thanks!

Its doesnt play the video, screen is blury when I move and the casete shakes then holding it and its not a little shake but it flies from one side to another

what the heck when i get a video i put it in the vhs player and it does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i try to put the VHS in the tv it just has a seizure,and it disappears lol

the tv stays static

this is exackly what ive been looking for. thanks so much!!!!

i cant even see anything but the computer screen the tv screen and the red letters the rest of the entire room is pitch black the blinds are a lighter color but i cant see anything else i cant even see if i got the vhs tape or not even though it says can not complete request sorry three times then it says the tape was delivered and i hear a doorbell sound but i cant see where anything is please help? im using a window 8.1 its my school laptop but it should work im able to play a lot of high graphic games with no problem

can you just upload it to mediafire?

I can't download it can you upload it to mediafire or something?

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