A downloadable game

NOTE: Due to last minute difficulties, we had to re-upload the game, find the download >> HERE <<

Agent 0:07, you are the ultimate spy, but you only have 7 seconds to complete your mission.

Steal the intel, avoid the guards, and get out!

Created in 48 hours for the Game Makers Toolkit 2018 Jam.



  • WASD/Left Stick to move

Want to make your own levels? 

The levels are stored as images in the "levels" folder next to the game executable.

  • Any resolution PNG should work, but try keep it small, the default ones are 10x10 to 21x21. Doesn't have to be square.
  • White (255,255,255) is empty space
  • Black (0,0,0) is for walls
  • Blue (0,0,255) is the player spawn. Only place one!
  • Green (0,255,0) is the exit. Only place one!
  • Magenta (255,0,255) is briefcases, please place AT LEAST one.

As for the guards they are a little more tricky:

  • Every patrol has the colour (255, id, order) and the guard will spawn on the lower order. Order doesn't need to be consecutive.
  • So for guards you can do (255,0,0) and (255,0,20) to set up a simple two waypoint patrol with one guard.
  • To add another guard you could use pixels with (255, 5,0) and (255,5, 7).

Lastly, levels are loaded alphabetically, so if you want to test your own level quickly, either remove other levels or rename yours to something that will come before "01-intro"

If you need any help just ping me here or on Twitter, I'd also love to see what you make! 


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